Pamporovo & the Rhodope Mountains

Smolyan Church

Momchilovtsi -popular holiday target: mountain climate with a Mediterranean influence

Bachkovo Monastery

Trigrad Gorge & Yagodina

The picturesque village of Shiroka Luka
Devin is a renowned spa and

Traditional dress of the Rhodope Mountains

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From 2017 winter season the ski area Mechi Chal, Chepelare became part of the Pamporovo ski area.

The new name of the resort will be Pamporovo-Mechi Chal.Both ski areas will be connected by shuttle buses that will connect the main ski centers Pamporovo /Malina Ski Center 1/ and Mechi Chal ski center. The buses will run on schedule with an interval of 15 minutes. All customers who bought ski pass and ski packages in Pamporovo for the next winter season will get a bonus riding in the ski area of Mechi Chal. One lift pass will be used in both resorts and allski packages purchased in Pamporovo will be valid for the ski area Mechi Chal.

Winter activities in Pamporovo and surrounding areas
The ski resort of Pamporovo is dominated by the magestic Snezhanka Tower which is accessed via the chair lift from the mid-station ski area just minutes from the Grand Monastery complex. From here you can also arrange skiing lessons and hire ski equipment, ski-doos and book husky sledge rides. There are many good restaurants & shops in Pamporovo Town which is only a short drive from the Grand Monastery.

The resort is an approximate 2hr drive from Plovdiv Airport, approx. 3.5+ hrs drive from Sofia and only 2 hours from the Aegean Sea. It is widely regarded as the most 'upmarket and sunniest' of all the Bulgarian resorts.

Pamporovo has an exclusive climate, featuring a mild winter with about 120 sunny days during the skiing period. The skiing season starts from mid December and lasts until mid April. The average air temperature is -3 ° C. The gentle profile of the mountain with its rounded slopes and summits makes Pamporovo particularly suitable for beginners. But there are also difficult ski runs like the Giant Slalom run which offers a challenge even for the expert skier. The ski runs are maintained to a high standard and there are more than 100 highly qualified ski instructors, fluent in different languages to teach both beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders alike.

Summer Activities for the whole family to enjoy.During out-of-ski seasons Pamporovo and the surrounding area are ideal for walking and treking, photographic opportunities and places of interest up in the mountains. Mountain biking in Pamporovo, a Spa Centre with outdoor and indoor swimming pools a soft play area for children (indoor) an outdoor play area -nature activity and rambles, horse riding, Hot springs spa therapy, Trigrad and the Devil’s Cave, the Observatory, Assen's Fortress and The Seven Wonderful Bridges. Pamporovo is also very near to the Greek borders the Greek Aegean Sea.

The Rhodopes
The Rhodope mountain range is located in the south-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula; its highest summit is Mount Perelik (2192 m). Over 83% of the mountain stands on bulgarian territory and the rest is in Greece. The Rhodopes are among the earliest formed mountain ranges on the Balkans.

The most interesting place for tourists in Pamporovo is the panoramic bar of the Snezhanka tower, at 2,030 m above sea level. When the weather is clear, you can see the whole resort and all the ski-trails from up there. To the south is the Smolyan terrace, and in the distance is the outline of the Greek part of the Rhodopes. To the west the Golyam Perelik peak and the village houses of Gela and Stoykite can be seen, and a panoramic view to the Rila and Pirin mountains opens out. To the north is the ridge of the Stara Planina mountains, and to the east the Rozhen Plateau, the dome of the National astronomical observatory and the hills of the Eastern Rhodopes.

The nice climate coupled with other factors is favourable for the development of tourism. The microclimate thus established enables a thick snow cover to be preserved for a long period of time – a veritable paradise for skiers.

This is the only resort where the lifts work during the summer. All year round tourists can choose between rural tourism and sports activities: bowling, tennis, archery, mountain-biking.

Fun in Pamporovo

Husky rides at mid-station

Nursery slopes at mid-station

Ski-doos at the bottom of the Wall, Pamporovo

The Wall, black run in Pamporovo

View over the ski slopes of Pamporovo from Snezhanka (means Snow

Pamporovo is located between Plovdiv and Smolyan

Apartment 21, Building 2A, Grand Monastery Complex, Pamporovo, Bulgaria